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Public Glory Hole Sydney

"Well, again, sins do have generational effects. If grandpa was a drunk, chances are you're not doing as well as if he was healthy. The decalogue must be taken in it's entirety, with "but showing mercy to a thousand generations of those who love him". The revelation of the almighty creator is not some simplistic bit of sugar for the lazy."


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Megul | 03.05.2018
Rachel the idiot madcow already exposed a Trump tax return from 3-4 years ago.
Dosar | 09.05.2018
Your behavior is that of a bigot. Have a good day.
Tojasar | 14.05.2018
Your constant maniacal laughter o this thread is all the proof I need.
Akikree | 15.05.2018
That is changing as the number of scholars unaffiliated with Christianity and religion rises... from simply a common sense position the simple fact that there is no contemporaneous mention of this magical dude even though he performed his magic in public and had crowds of followers should put his historicity in doubt.
Fegami | 20.05.2018
If god did it, then we must account for god, which adds another step to the creation dilemma.
Kajidal | 28.05.2018
To be fair, religion is as good at making people more terrified of death as it is at ameliorating the fear.
Mara | 07.06.2018
They killed their child based in their religious beliefs. I guess they get a free pass.
Zolokasa | 15.06.2018
Reading a good novel can do the same thing.
Gojin | 20.06.2018
Football appeals predominantly to Republicans, just like basketball appeals predominantly to Democrats. That makes "Republican" sport a reasonable adjective.
Gonris | 26.06.2018
I refer back to my prior statement.
Public Glory Hole Sydney

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