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Chick oiled butt fucked

"LMFAO... that's the way to get rid of rif-raf!"


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Bragrel | 09.05.2018
I looked it up. In my state in the 2 weeks that Fox had this story as its top headline or in its top ten stories, 385 people were reported missing. None of them made any national news outlet that I could find. The only thing that was special about this one was that Fox covered it so heavily that other news outlets (including CNN to a much lesser degree) also covered it. It was a case no different than any of the dozens that happen every day. So ask yourself why this got so much coverage and none of the others do? The answer is simple. Fox news got wind that the primary suspect was an illegal and they ran with it like it was the only missing person in American those 2 weeks. it just fit their narrative.
Arabei | 15.05.2018
He just presumes the Democrat Governor got elected during the counting instead of during the voting.
Taushakar | 20.05.2018
Is there really a need for a Holy Mother?
Shaktim | 28.05.2018
Well that tells me a lot about the state of your intelligence since there are vast differences.
Shakagar | 29.05.2018
I don't really think it's your job to change your friend.
Malakora | 02.06.2018
The witnesses that were written of are the LAW and the PROPHETS. The LAW and the PROPHETS is pointing to the two tablet stones, the two olive trees, which is the bible. The two witnesses are personified by Moses (LAW), and Elijah (the PROPHET) which together gives you the WORD (JESUS H.P)
Sar | 04.06.2018
Oh yea. My first thread to blow up like that one did
Domuro | 07.06.2018
JP needs to go back to debate class.
Chick oiled butt fucked

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