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  • 01.05.2018
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Bill Russell is an asshole

"So do these "churches" have a minister, a speaker who will take a commanding presence overlooking the congregation from his pedestal and pulpit, and will he pass a collections plate for the congregation to give him, and will he speak to them as if with authority, telling them right from wrong?"



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Makasa | 07.05.2018
"Completely convinced" could also be said as "I strongly believe." Fairly certain, but you don't know for sure as you haven't seen it. However, you have a way of finding out. There are points in the evolution of life that we know occurred, but don't (and maybe will never) know what it takes to make these leaps. If life's beginning was provable, we wouldn't be having this conversation, but i wouldnt put anything past science sceptics nowadays hahaha
Vizahn | 16.05.2018
We called it "Hippie High"!
Mogami | 19.05.2018
For the next 48 hours do not believe anything you hear. It will all be BS not until we get a full investigation will we know exactly what happened.
Bill Russell is an asshole
Bill Russell is an asshole

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