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Bat swing tips

"you are confusing truth with spin. For example while Fast and Furious was not started by the Obama DOJ, it became a gun walking operation under Holder. Most of the rest is the same, just some talking points that you learned from MSNBC."



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Gromi | 09.05.2018
yea no. obama, as jesus like as you think he was, was not able to turn around the WORLD from a depression... the economy improved in spite of obama, not because of obama.
Kagadal | 18.05.2018
What theories can you name that support this?
Mom | 20.05.2018
Virgin birth is logically inconsistent.
Mazuhn | 23.05.2018
Now you know that God is Holy because He is separated unto us. 100%. A total dedication just on us. Moment by moment no distraction from us. All just for our well being. Nice. Don't you agree?
Akinogami | 27.05.2018
Thanks for the post,
Bat swing tips

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